Ben Thomas

Spray, Painter & Decorator


The sign of a quality decorator

Open Times:

Monday 8am to Friday 6pm

Saturday 8am to 4pm

Sunday Closed  







Woodwork & Walls using a dustless electric sander with a dust extractor at 99% No dust. To use wet and dry sanding paper on all woodwork to give an ultra-smooth finish Remove old wallpaper from walls using an electric wallpaper steamer, prior to painting. Heat Gun to remove paint from woodwork, Fill in any holes, cracks in the woodwork and walls using all different types of fillers/caulks on the woodwork and walls on interior and exterior surfaces.










Wash down to remove any stains, crayon marks, nicotine, grease, grime, mould and algae on interior and

exterior walls using different types of cleaning products for each stains marks prior to painting.

Apply primers where needed to cover up bleeding knots, water stains, damp, rust, smoke and fire damage,

mildew, mould stains, grease, tar, bitumen asphalt, creosote, odour sealing, lipstick and crayon. Also on

drywall, plaster, lime wash, new wood trim, plywood, brick, concrete galvanised new, fibreglass,

glossy paints, varnishes, ceramic tiles and PVC.











Interior & Exterior Decorating

Apply paint to walls and ceilings using all different types of emulsion paint finishes, using, Durable Flat Matt, Ultra Matt, Vinyl Matt, Diamond Matt, Silk, Diamond Eggshell, Diamond Satinwood, Quick Dry Gloss & Chalk Paints.










Wallpapering, using all different types of wallpapers from Lining Paper, Vinyl Wallpaper, Textured Wallpaper, Faux Effects, Embossed and Paste the Wall wallpapering.










Exterior walls, apply using stabilizing primers, on new rendering, brickwork using clear water repellents sealants,

exterior masonry paints, with smooth or textured finish on pebble dash or smooth rendering.










Woodwork and Metalwork, apply using undercoats, varnishes, eggshell, satinwood, gloss and using linseed oil paints and

water base paints. Also fence painting, sheds garage doors, soffits, fascia’s window frames, sash windows,

doors and conservatories.